Failure analysis und coolant chemistry

The trend is obvious: product quality and performance requirements are rising driving materials and operating fluids to the edge. To keep up with the demands it is important to have support in selecting the right materials and to locate and to solve issues.
TheSys provides broad knowledge and expertise on the fields of chemistry, materials, failure analysis and coolant chemistry. With our long experience in doing well-founded analysis, developing solutions and supporting the customer to implement them into his processes TheSys provides crucial advantages in competiveness and cost.
TheSys do not only provide solutions – but also to communicate complex expert knowledge to your customers, suppliers and staff and helping in moderating between the parties in your supply chain, when there should be an “incompatibility” in the field of chemistry or materials.

Our competences on the field of chemistry or materials are the definition, specification and testing as well as the failure analysis of plastics, metals, elastomers and adhesives. We test and evaluate the coolant stability in vehicles and provide analysis of inhibitors and components of coolants. We consult in the area of chemical processes in production and support formulating and compounding of process chemicals. Auditing and testing in Technical cleanliness according VDA19/ISO 16232 and supporting environmental and occupational health and safety is completing our profile.