Heat exchangers and prototypes

The highest priority of vehicle manufacturers is the development of non-polluting vehicles. Environmentally friendly vehicles are driven either by conventional combustion engines using distinctly less fuel or by an electrical drive train. Those cars will be visible on our roads as full hybrids, plug-in-hybrids or as pure electrical driven cars. In the distant future those cars may be powered by fuel cells.
The development of those new technologies presents completely new challenges to the engine cooling system as well as to the air conditioning system and thus to the vehicle thermal management. In every case there is a new dimensioning of the basis cooling system required. Often a new cooling system setup has to be developed and in many cases there are completely new heat exchangers needed. Those are derived from already known radiators but often they have to be dimensioned and designed completely new.
This is our main priority at TheSys: The development of new heat exchangers on the basis of sound knowledge of the system function in the vehicle.
The basis for the development of a new heat exchanger is the thermodynamic simulation of the entire system (1D). With such a simulation the performance requirements can be determined. In conjunction with a pilot installation space, this is the precondition for the design and definition of the radiator design. The chosen design is customized using CAD-tools while the geometry of the flow passages is optimized using 0D or 3D simulation. Design details are derived in close connection to the prototyping department. The end of the design process is marked by the derivation of technical drawings.
In close cooperation with our manufacturing partners in the surrounding area the result of the development phase is brought to prototypes, which are ready to measure. The production process is coordinated by TheSys. Finally the prototypes are tested for leakage and pressure resistance by TheSys employees, before they are handed out to the customer within the final project presentation.