Our highlights for the Hannover exhibition

We have finished the arrangements for the Hannover exhibition. The focus of the prototypes we show lies on:

  • Evaporators for Waste Heat Recovery: We show prototypes for trucks as well as passenger cars. As a special highlight we exhibit an exhaust gas evaporator in our so-called “Double Wall Round Tube” design. This design has been developped and patented by TheSys and has considerable advantages regarding automization of production, low costs, low weight and low pressure drops on the exhaust gas side.
  • Cooling plates for Lithium-Ion batteries: We show efficient cooling plates which cool and heat batteries at various ambient temperatures and load conditions to ensure high performance and life cycles.
  • Cooling of fuel cells and power units: Many devices depend on the availability of electrical power. Particularly in mobile applications power units and soon fuel cells will be used which depend on an external coolant supply and heat rejection. Our mobile and self-sustaining cooling module ensures as a plug-and-play solution a reliable coolant supply with a controllable coolant temperature for cooling or heating. By the choice of appropriate fans and pumps the module performance can be adjusted to the demands.


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